Meet our Comittee Members!

fuul team

Our vision is to help all Indonesian students and alumni of the University of South Australia students to enrich their university experience, build up their international networking and skills that are essential for their future career. Secondly, we aim to promote Indonesian traditional heritage and culture to the world. In enabling our visions, our mission is to implement value-adding programs through inter-organisational collaborations, social events,  and social media campaigns. We also work closely with the University of South Australia, as well as other corporations in Adelaide region in practicing excellent governance.

Welcome to the family! This year, we have elected a team of diverse educational fields, age groups, and cultural background in enriching our knowledge and understanding about our organisational environment. Diverse, but united as one; that is Indonesia. This diverse demographic was allocated to cater and deliver the various needs, interest and aspirations  of our members from Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Alumnus segmentation.

Our Board Members:

President/ Chairman of PPIA UniSA

Name: Aria Bayu Pangesthu

Born: Bandung, (August 14, 1989)

Program/ field of study: Master of Human Resource Management



Aria was  awarded with cum laude predicate from Bandung Institute of Technology for his Bachelors degree. “There is no bad employee, there’s only unsuitable one!” Aria always believes in this concept throughout his working experience in Human Resource department. Aria is well known for his creative, communicative, result driven, and team player personality with with strong enthusiasm in overcoming organisational challenges. In his leisure time, Aria invest his time with his family, as well as his other hobbies including: cooking, reading, picture editing, sound editing, video editing, photography, games, and manga. With his vast qualifications and professional experience in employee assessment, career path design, recruitment, internal management and leadership; he is ready to lead PPIA UniSA to the next level.


Vice – President  of PPIA UnISA

Name: Rifqi Satya Adhyasa

Born: Yogyakarta, (July 4, 1995)

Program/ field of study: Bachelor of Marketing & Communication



Rifqi believes that life begins at the end of our comfort zone. As a recent alumnus of the Unite Leadership Program, and an awardee of the future leader Recognition 2015 from UniSA Business School, Rifqi is known as a creative strategist, an inquisitive learner, and a driven philanthropist with professional and organisational experience in integrated marketing planning, public relations, digital marketing, brand management, interpersonal collaboration, and human capital development. At a young age, he have gained extensive working and internship experiences in  Marketing and Communications area of various non-profit, small business, and large corporations including; PT. Astra International Tbk, AUG Global Networks, and TEDxAdelaide. Highly passionate about human capital and community development, he is actively involved in volunteering for various non-profit organisations. In his spare time, Rifqi enjoy travelling, live concerts, photography, design, basketball, and film making. With is skills and passion, we believe that Rifqi is the suitable match for Aria in leading the organisation.


Secretary General

Name: Wike Agustin Prima Dania

Born: Malang

Program/ field of study: Ph.D Candidate in Mechanical Engineering



Wike is a highly experienced academic personnel with extensive background in Science. In the recent years, she have worked as a lecturer in the Agricultural Industrial Technology Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, University of Brawijaya. Last year, she started her Ph.D Journey at the University of South Australia in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Personally, Wike is equipped with excellent interpersonal communications skills in dealing with stakeholders of various backgrounds. As our Secretary General, we rely on Wike’s extensive experiences in decision analysis, data analytic, operational management, and human resource management.


Head of Finance/ Tresurer


Name: Brendha Rumambi

Born: Palu, (June 2, 1996)

Program/ field of study: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)



Brendha is recognized as an energetic, bilingual team player who enjoy interpersonal collaboration. As a recipient of the Leader of Integrity Award from Lokon St Nikolaus High school, Brendha showcase her diligence in overcoming various challenges. At a young age, she have gained prior financial experience acting as the treasurer, as well as the chairperson of the leadership and patriotism field of the student council in her High school. Elected as our treasurer, Brendha seeks the opportunity of further developing her industry qualification, networking, and professional skills as a future accountant.