Four cards you need to have in your first days in Adelaide


When you come to Adelaide from the first time, you soon realize that you need to go here and there and buying stuffs. If you plan to study and live here for a couple of years, there are some “must have” cards to make your life much easier.

#1 SIM Cardoptus-starter-pack2
Take your first day to the closest grocery store (Coles or Woolworth) to buy a new sim card. Optus, Telstra, or Vodafone are the most widely used in Adelaide, popular for their strong signals. You can choose to buy internet, call, and message package. For example, Optus 3Gb costs you $30 for 30 days, including 3 Gb data, unlimited talks and messages to Australian numbers.
Your accommodation usually provides you free wifi, so use your data wisely when you are off wi-fi.

Why Sim Card?
In our next days, you will need to fill out forms (university forms, bank account, shopping card account) and all of those forms require your mobile number.


#2 Student ID Card  

After having some rest from your tiring flight, you could go to university to print out your ID card. You can go to Campus Central or Student Office in your university. In University of South Australia, Student ID can be printed at the same day, it takes only 10-20 minutes. You need to prepare your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Confirmation email from the uni. Passport and visa should be brought along.

Tips: Wear a light and bright color for your photo taking for the ID card. You won’t be happy with gloomy photo for the rest of your study year!

Why Student ID card is so important?

By having student card, you can have some discounts on transportation, movie, books, and many more. You also need Student ID to make a Concession card for your bus ride.


metrocard#3 Metro Card

Adelaide is a compact city where you can visit its beautiful corners by bus. You need to make Metro Card. When you have your student ID, you can ask for Concession card which is cheaper. You can have Metro Card at the Metro Center or Post Office. You can pre-pay and top up your cards anywhere. There are some metro card machines in universities.

Why Metro?

Metro is the cheapest and easiest public transportation in Adelaide.

When you go from Magill to the airport, for example, it costs you only $3 (taxi costs                                                                                                     you more than $35!)




# 4 ATM Card

NAB and Commonwealth bank are two mostly used banks by students in Adelaide. You need to call to the bank to make an appointment for new account, and then visit the bank on the scheduled day. Bring along your passport and visa, and note your address of accommodation.

Why ATM?

You need ATM for everything: shopping at the grocery stores, topping up your mobile card, topping up your metro card, buying movie tickets, buying medicine, and many others.

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