Our vision is to help all Indonesian students and alumni of the University of South Australia students to enrich their university experience, build up their international networking and skills that are essential for their future career. Secondly, we aim to promote Indonesian traditional heritage and culture to the world. In enabling our visions, our mission is to implement value-adding programs through inter-organisational collaborations, social events,  and social media campaigns. We also work closely with the University of South Australia, as well as other corporations in Adelaide region in practicing excellent governance.



This year, a team of diverse educational fields, age groups, and cultural background was selected in enriching our knowledge and understanding about our organisational environment. Diverse, but united as one; that is Indonesia. This diverse demographic was allocated to cater and deliver the various needs, interest and aspirations of our members from Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Alumnus segmentation.

Our Board Member Profile:

President/ Chairman of PPIA UniSA

Name: Rifqi Satya Adhyasa

Born: Yogyakarta, (July 4, 1995)

Program/ field of study: Bachelor of Marketing & Communication

Contact: rifqib3r@gmail.com// http://www.depictrifqi.wordpress.com


Rifqi believes that life begins at the end of our comfort zone. As a recent alumnus of the Unite Leadership Program, and an awardee of the future leader Recognition 2015 from UniSA Business School, Rifqi is known as a creative strategist, an inquisitive learner, and a driven philanthropist with professional and organisational experience in integrated marketing planning, public relations, digital marketing, brand management, Interpersonal collaboration, and human capital development. At a young age, he have gained extensive working and internship experiences in the Marketing and Communications area of various non-profit, small business, and large corporations including; PT. Astra International Tbk, AUG Global Networks, and TEDxAdelaide. Highly passionate about human capital and community development, he is actively involved in volunteering for various non-profit organisations. In his spare time, Rifqi enjoy travelling, live concerts, photography, design, basketball, and film making. With is skills and passion, we believe that Rifqi is the suitable match to become the chairman of PPIA UniSA.

Vice President

Name: Cahyo Nurhadi

Born: Bantul (28th March 1985)

Program/field of study: Master of Professional Accounting

Contact: cahyo.nurhadi@gmail.com

Profile 2.jpg

Born in March 28, 1985, Cahyo is an auditor at the Board of Audit (BPK) in Lampung and currently taking a Master of Accounting at  Unisa. He believes that to be a leader, we must not only smart, but also good at decision making. Coming from the family of civil servants, he dedicates himself for the betterness of Indonesia by his work. He conceives that to make a change for the country, we have to know the system from inside, we have to be in that system. Cahyo loves watching movies, playing virtual football, and listening to music.

 Secretary General

Name: Cahya Agusono

Born: Kebumen (28th July 1975)

Program/ field of study: Master of Finance

Contact: cahyaagusono@gmail.com


 Born in Kebumen in 1975, Cahya is a budget office in the Directorate-General for Budget in the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Cahya believes that you don’t have to do a big thing to start changing Indonesia into a better country. Start small, consistent and time will tell. On his leisure time, Cahya likes to travel and watch movies.

Head of Finance/ Treasurer

Name: Rizky Wicaksono

Born: Salatiga (4th July 1985)

Program/ field of study: Master of Business Accounting

Contact: rizky.wicak@gmail.com


Head of Human Resource Division

Name: Arnis Silvia

Born: Jember, (February 24, 1988)

Program/ field of study: Ph.D in Languages and Lingustics

Contact: arnis@uinjkt.ac.id// https://uinjkt.academia.edu/ArnisSilvia


Arnis currently a Ph.D student in Languages and Linguistics. She is also a lecturer at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Arnis is an awardee of Ministry of Religious Affairs for her doctoral study. Her previous experience dealt with the academic journal editing, newsletter editing, and translation. She is developing English teaching materials for journalism, community counselling, and broadcasting. She published regularly at the English language teaching journals internationally. Writing is Arnis’ hobby. She won the best essay at the Djarum Awardee Alumni Writing Competition in 2016, second winner for Blog Competition by Djarum Pendidikan in 2013, and the winner of blog competition by Adira Face of Indonesia in 2012. Her other hobby is mobile photography and poem writing. You can find her Instagram at @arnissilvia. Arnis is a passionate and compassionate person you would like to share your story with

Head of Public Relations Division

Name: Yuki Andrew Hendrik

Born: Fukuoka-Japan, 30 September 1997

Program/ field of study: Bachelor of Aviation

Contact: a320mandala@gmail.com


Born in Fukuoka, Japan but has since lived in Bali, Indonesia. Yuki believes that in life, we should follow our dreams, keeping our soul alive and most importantly, living a life that you will remember. He is currently achieving that by undertaking aviation studies in UniSA in pursuit of his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Personally, Yuki is known as a friendly and easy going person who is willing to listen to other peers and also give suggestion whenever appropriate.  He is also active in various volunteering event in enriching his community development experience. In his leisure time, Yuki loves to watch Football, F1 and AFL and in his study breaks, he enjoy travelling overseas. Yuki has become a member of the Public Relation team since last year and we believe that the knowledge he gained during that period makes him to be the suitable leader of the Public Relation team.